THE FOX HIDE EXPERIENCE. fox watching.wildlife photography.

the fox hide is set in 40 acres of woodland the hide caters for 2or 3.we have been feeding foxes here for 20 years we get up to 8 foxes out in a 3 hour period in spring summer this does change to a 2 hour period in autumn/winter months.great shots can be had .foxes come out in full daylight you get at least 2to3 hours of photography .foxes come within 5 metres of the hide . the hire of the hide is just £40 per person .i will be there to feed the foxes and help if needed.the hide is situated in essex just off the A127 near Rayleigh and is open most of the with all wild animals we cant guarantee the amount of foxes but if in the unlikely situation that none show i wont charge .the hide is open weekdays and weekends suitable for lenses 300mm to600mm